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1. What is is a video call service that allows you to conduct your business via webcam to webcam chat. It features a free chat option as well as a paid chat option where you get paid for providing services like consulting, e-learning, tutoring and more.


2. How does it work?

You initiate a free chat session and invite your client to join you by sending him/her the session link generated. Chat for free for as long as you want and then proceed to paid chat at a pay per minute or pay per hour rate set by you. Your client will need to add funds to his account via Paypal or credit card prior to your session and the money made from your session will be deposited into your account at the end of your paid chat.


3. Does CamG provide me with clients?


No, you must have existing clients prior to using our service. CamG is simply a tool that can be used to communicate with your existing clients.


4. Will I be charged to use CamG?


You will never be charged for the free chat option at CamG however we charge a 5% fee on any money paid by your clients in paid chat.


5. Do I need a credit card to use CamG?


If you’re using CamG as a client, you will need either a credit card or a Paypal account to add funds to your account in order to participate in paid chat. Service providers don’t need credit cards to use our service.


6. Do I have to download any software to use CamG?

No special software is required. Make sure to use Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browser.


7. What’s the maximum number of people allowed in group chat?

A conference session on CamG can include as many as 20 people with their webcams turned on however you can have as many as 150 people watching you broadcast your stream with their web cameras turned off.


8. What devices are compatible with CamG?

CamG is WebRTC-based technology that works with the desktop and Android platforms in the Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers.


9. Why should I choose CamG over Skype and other video services?

CamG has billing option, which allows you to perform your service through webcam. You get automated solution to have your online business running.


10. How do I invite clients to chat?

Initiate a chat and send your clients the link to your session. Once they click on that link, they’ll be able to join you in free chat.


11. I have more questions I need answered, who do I contact?

Please use the contact form for a prompt response from the CamG support representatives